Capturing the Story of Houston
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About the Houston Chronicle

The Houston Chronicle, recognized for its Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism, serves its 2.3 million residents with content and marketing solutions across two of Houston’s largest websites — and, along with our television, magazine, and newspaper brands.  Our mission is to spark conversations that inspire action to create a better Houston. We chronicle life in the nation’s 4th largest city and serve its residents with content that informs, entertains, and inspires. We uphold a legacy of journalistic excellence that dates to 1901.

Because Houston is the most diverse city in the nation, we encourage dialogue in multiple ways across our flagship properties:

  • offers unrivaled journalism that inspires conversations and spotlights solutions.
  • shares local takes on trending topics that reflect Houston’s energy and its residents’ enthusiasm to strike up a conversation with anyone about almost anything.

All our content and the innovative business solutions we provide invite Houstonians to join conversations about a community we’ve been committed to covering and helping prosper for more than 120 years. The community we all call home